Size Matters: Choosing The Right Conference Table For Your Meeting Space



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When entering a meeting room, the first thing that you will notice is a conference table. It is the place where concepts are discussed, actions are planned and executed, and coordination occurs. Selecting the appropriate size of conference tables is important since it has an impact on the level of comfort during meetings. The appropriate structure of the table will allow enough free space in the allotted area for people to be able to move around the table comfortably without occupying too much space.

One thing that individuals fail to consider before choosing a conference table is the aspect of scale. For instance, if you place a very big table in a room, the movement in that room will be limited. On the other hand, a table that is too small may not afford the attendees enough space to place their items and this would cause the meetings to appear rather congested. The issue lies in determining the right item that will optimize the space that you have without compromising the functionality of the place.

Understanding Space and Proportions

To choose a table, there is a need to measure the meeting space first. When planning the dimensions, take into account the space required for the chair and walking space around the table. A good rule of thumb is to provide as much space as possible i.e., 3 feet around the table so that people can pull their chairs back and not feel cramped up when having to move around in the area.


A Round Conference Table: Pros and Cons

A conventional round conference table has certain advantages. Their shape ensures equality as people can see each other and this enhances conversation thereby making them suitable in encouraging interaction and group work. However, they may not be fit for each and every environment. Round tables are suitable for square rooms or when the size of a rectangular table will not comfortably fit into the space.

What Size Is the Right Size for Your Needs?

When considering the size of the round conference table, it is essential to think of the number of people you invite for meetings. It is recommended that the space should amount to a minimum of 60 inches (0.5 feet) for each person at the table. This spacing helps accommodate all the people by providing enough space to sit comfortably and write, without squeezing. For instance, a round table with a diameter of about 5 feet can accommodate about 6 or 7 individuals, and each individual receives sufficient space to work and communicate.


When deciding on the conference table for your meeting room, it is not just about the look, it’s about comfort during the meeting as well as productivity. Considering the dimensions of the table in regard to size and shape, you can create an environment to foster collaborative work and discussions. But always keep in mind that the goal is to maximize the space that you have in order to make all the participants comfortable.

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