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Pet-Friendly Rugs: It Is Very Easy To Maintain If You Do It Smart



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Pet-friendly rugs bring beauty and a sense of comfort to every room in the house. However, they can quickly become stained, dusty, and worn out. With a washable bedroom rug, you can clean pet hair, dust, and mud with just a single wash in your washing machine. These bedroom rugs come in various styles and colors and are necessary for people who desire comfort for themselves and their pets. Additionally, these rugs are pieces of decor that talk about your personality to visitors.

A simpler alternative is procuring pet-friendly rugs, which ensure ease on your nerves when you decide to clean your rug. This blog dives deep into how you can maintain a pet-friendly rug. Adding a rug to a living space is what everyone at some point in their life does, and to keep a rug in good condition, one must vacuum it regularly, making sure to keep the pet hair, dead skin, and dust buildup in check and probably do the regular wash and maintenance that it needs by changing its location once in a while so that it doesn’t get too crumpled up which is all very time-consuming to clean. 

Key Points to Maintaining a Rug

Some secrets one should know about purchasing and maintaining rugs are:


Thoroughly Checking The Care Instructions: 

Every rug bought from a verified vendor comes enclosed with instructions regarding the maintenance, cleaning, and a description of the rugs they sell. This should impart you with useful knowledge such as how, when, and what to do when it comes to the maintenance of the rug.

Protocols for Stain Treatment for a Bedroom Rug: 

The most important step most people forget is “Spot Treatment.” This is to make sure the chemical does not damage the rug before applying it to the whole rug.

Contrary to popular belief, the application of plain water by itself is highly recommended as a tool for cleaning both stains and unwanted residue from cleaning agents that exfoliate the surface. 


Additionally, rinsing with plain water after using a carpet cleaner will counteract the remainder of the residue and prevent the rug from getting dirty again. Just be sure to avoid putting too much water on the carpet and dry both sides of the rug.

Reducing Bare-Foot Contact

While it might seem that taking shoes out of the equation is the way to go, having bare feet in regular contact with the carpet causes an accumulation of dead skin cells. Oil-based particle build-ups are a common occurrence and are quite time-consuming to clean a rug out of. While walking around, plain flip-flops or clear white socks are preferred.

Water Temperature for Pet-Friendly Rugs:

Based on the material, some rugs may need colder or hotter than usual water to clean them. Using the wrong temperature sometimes leads to fiber damage and faded colors.


Cycle Setting On the Washing Machine:

Some washing machines have a specified rug wash setting. For those that don’t, the vendor gives specifications for time, detergent, and mode to be used while washing.

The bedroom rug should be washed with a rather gentler approach, using cold water and soft detergents, and also dried naturally by the air because several machine washable rugs aren’t safe for dryer use as the fibers will come out. If they are dryer-safe, a low tumbling setting must be used and not for long cycles.

Type of Detergent to Use:

If made from delicate materials such as cotton, wool, or jute, mild detergents are to be used, whereas synthetics such as nylon and polyester require stronger chemicals as they will not break down the build-up unless chemically activated as physical work can only do so much.


For a dirty bedroom rug, a dry carpet shampoo will suffice as it breaks down all the stains and brightens up the fibers.

Drying Specification:

Several rugs may need a violent twist and turn sessions multiple times to dry, whereas others would be required just to be laid out flat and turned the other way every few hours. Several delicate rugs require air drying in certain temperatures for lesser fiber damage and color fading.

For a bedroom rug that has built up dirt over a long period without washes and frequent cleaning, a complete steam clean is required and should be done by professionals. Unlike everyday carpet cleaners, which follow violent scrubbing and suction methods, steam cleaning protects the fibers and uses very hot steam to break up dust and dirt built into the rug.


Bottom Line

If you are looking to purchase a new pet-friendly bedroom rug, Miss Amara is the one for you, with a large collection of different styles and designs. They also offer free delivery to satisfy your pet-friendly rug needs.

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